Water and Wastewater

Mobley Contractors, Inc. have constructed numerous water and waste water treatment facilities.  Mobley also specialize in drainage, dams, and reservoir construction.  

Our work includes the following:

  • Wastewater Outfall Stations
  • Pumping Stations
  • Raw Water Intake Structures
  • Raw Water Storage Reservoirs
  • Water System Improvements
  • Water Treatment Plant Construction
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction


Garver Engineers has an article about the Raw Water Intake Pump Station at Lake Maumelle that Mobley installed as shown in the top photo, Click on the following link:


Highway Construction

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Pile Driving and Cofferdams

The experienced and skilled craftsmen at Mobley Contractors can meet your industrial and commercial piling needs. Our company has a wide variety of equipment and hammers that enable us to drive all types of pilings.

Mobley Contractors have constructed cofferdams for pumping stations and bridge foundations.

Mobley Contractors has extensive experience in installing H-Piling, Concrete Piling and Pipe Pilling for deep foundations.


Industrial Services

For over 40 years Mobley Contractors, an Arkansas Based Contractor, serves as one of the state's leading Heavy Civil / Industrial Contractor.

Mobley provides the expertise, reputation, and skilled professionals to provide innovative ideas and services for an ever-growing infrastructure and industrial needs statewide.


Electric Rail Trolleys

Little Rock, Arkansas. May 2003

Mobley Contractors performed a $12 Million contract for the Central Arkansas Transit Authority (CATA) to construct an ElectricTrolley Rail System to bring back the River Rail Historic Street Car to Little Rock. An electric streetcar system was installed via the River Rail Historic Street Car Project. The electric streetcar system was installed on existing right-of-ways connecting the Verizon Arena, The River Market District and the State House Convention Center in Little Rock and communities of North Little Rock and Pulaski County. The streetcar route uses the Main Street Bridge to connect the two cities. This project allows streetcars to once again rumble over tracks in the downtowns of Little Rock and North Little Rock. The trolleys operates on approximately 2 miles of new track utilizing an overhead contact system (OCS).

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