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CA0703 Hwy 274 - North Widening

CA0703 Hwy 274 - North Widening

Contract Amount: $2,371,601.96

The purpose of this project is to widen 7.102 miles of highway 167 in Calhoun County. This project consists of clearing and grubbing, removal and disposal of items, earthwork, aggregate base course, ACHM base, binder, and surface courses, cold milling asphalt pavement, approach slabs and gutters, asphalt concrete patching ACHM patching of existing roadway, maintenance of traffic, drainage items, guardrail items, erosion control items, construction of a continuous composite integral W-Beam unit bridge of 221' in length. Mobley is a subcontractor for D&J to do all bridge-related items.

Lake Kanopolis Dredge Project

USACE Lake Kanopolis Dredge Project

Contract Amount: $3,647,965.00

Kanopolis Dam is a USACE project located in Ellsworth County, Kansas. The work involves removal of sediment, debris, and rock within the Intake Tower, Approach Channel, and surrounding areas. Rock is approximately 12 inches diameter on average. The sediment ranges in its level of compaction and contains known wood debris. Some diving is required for this project to remove sediment, debris, and rock from inside the intake tower as well as aiding in the removal of trash racks. Diving and bathymetric surveys are required for completed work. Mobley is utilizing satellite driven machinery and software to precisely excavate depths of up to 48 feet while avoiding structures with an offset as little as 1 foot. Surrounding areas will be graded underwater on a 1:1 slope. This is made possible with 3D models and advanced satellite systems both in the field and office.



Fairview-Mississippi River Bridge - AHTD

AHTD Job No. R20069    Fairview-Mississippi River Bridge

The purpose of this project is to widen 4.4 miles of Hwy 82 in Chicot County to four or five lane roadway. Mobley under Subcontract to Ideal Construction Company is constructing the 360 feet Continuous Composite Prestressed Concrete Girder Unit Bridge (Total Span Lengths 72', 72', 72', 72', 72').  The project includes the removal of the existing bridge structure.

Star City - AHTD

AHTD Job No. 020356    Hwy.212 - Hwys 11/425 Connector

The purpose of this project is to construct embankments at the southern end of the project and pave 7.7 miles of State Highway 530 and construct Highways 11/425 connector in Lincoln County.  Mobley under Subcontract to Graves and Associates, Inc. is constructing the 235.26 feet Continuous Composite Girder Overpass Bridge including 1740 LF of 18" Square Concrete Piling, 7031 SF of Retaining Wall at the abutments, etc.   


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