Delta Heritage Trail Phase V - ARDPT

Delta Heritage Trail Phase V - ARDPT

Contract Amount: $2,754,684.36

Mobley is working as a subcontractor for Crow Construction on the Delta Heritage Trail project. The scope of work performed by Mobley includes Demolition of bridges 1,2,3,4,5, & 6; Furnish and installation of bridges 1,2,3,4,5, & 6; Provision of work roads for access to bridge locations; All work pertaining to and within the station limits of bridges 1,2,3,4,5, & 6; Provision of any required permits/documents for work pertaining to the bridges.

University of Memphis Pedestrian Bridge

University of Memphis Pedestrian Bridge

Contract Amount: $1,891,230.39

In this project, Mobley is subcontracted to construct the two vertical concrete towers for the cable stay bridge. This includes maintenance of traffic, vertical concrete work, installation of elastomeric bearings. The other half of the contract is a pedestrian land bridge over railroad and street. Traffic on Walker Street is to remain open at all times.

Bayou Meto Basin

USACE Bayou Meto Basin

Contract Amount: $15,374,853.95

The Bayou Meta Basin project consisted of the construction of approximately 2,700 linear feet of Canal 1000 with associated drainage ditches and the construction of a cast in place reinforced concrete inverted siphon, measuring approximately 550 linear feet in length, to convey Canal 1000 under an existing bayou. Also included in the work was clearing and disposal of debris therefrom; temporary diversion of the existing bayou during construction of the siphon and the restoration of diversion area afterwards; installation of storm drainage pipes, concrete headwalls, and a flap gate; furnishing and placing of filter stone and riprap, turfing and environmental protection.



Bull Shoals Draft Tube Rehabilitation

Bull Shoals Draft Tube Rehabilitation

Contract Amount: $939,175.00 

Bull Shoals Draft Tube Rehabilitation involved the rehabilitation of the two unit draft tube gates A & B. This included repairing/replacing Gate A, Gate A stem and stem guides, Gate A actuator, Gate B rehabilitation, Gate B stem and stem guides, Gate B actuator and miscellaneous steel items. Electrical feeders were replaced to supply power to the gate operators. The rehabilitation of the gates will require the installation/construction of a bulkhead in the spillway to dewater the draft tubes.



Previous Projects

Bayou Meto Basin - USACE

Clinton - AHTD

Clinton Presidential Library Bridge - City of Little Rock

Murray Dam Bridge - USACE

Norfork Dam - USACE

Sound Barrier Wall - AHTD



Pinnacle Hill Parkway/Horsebarn Road Bridge Project - AHTD

This $4.9 Million project involved widening Pinnacle Hills Parkway/Horsebarn Road from 2 to 5 lanes for over 1/2 mile and the construction of a bridge in Rogers, Arkansas.

River Rail Street Car Project Phase II - Central Arkansas Transit Authority
Mobley completed the $5.78 Million Construction project of the River Rail Streetcar Extension Project-Phase II in Little Rock, Arkansas. The .9 mile extension of track links the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library and Heifer International to the existing track in Little Rock and North Little Rock.
White River Hydroelectric Power Project - Batesville, AR
The project consisted of the complex construction and start up of three turbine hydroelectric power generating plants on the White River. The power plants were built and installed within existing lock and dams on the river that were constructed in the early 1900s.
I-430 and Shackleford Bridge Extension Project
This schedule driven project consisted of extending additional lanes on an existing bridge and interstate ramps crossing a double three lane interstate (I-430) in Little Rock, Arkansas. The project was successfully completed to meet the developers schedule and accommodate for the opening of the 97 acre West Little Rock's Shackleford
Crossing Mall.
Central Arkansas Transit Authority(CATA)
$12 Million-Construction of an electric street car system. The project consisted of installing an Overhead Contact System (OCS) and rail in the downtowns of Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas. The River Rail project is bringing back the historic street car trolley connecting major city attractions.
Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department. (AHTD)
AHTD-Culberhouse St-Hwy 49 ( Jonesboro , Arkansas)
$6.1 Million- Widening of 2.7 miles of Hwy 63B in Jonesboro , Arkansas . The project consist of base and surface courses, drainage, realignment of RR Crossing, traffic signal equipment, and erosion control.
AHTD-Cossatot River and Relief STRS.
$5.2 Million-Construction of a composite W-Beam Spans Bridge and composite plate girder spans bridge on Hwy 71 crossing the Cossatot River East of DeQueen, Arkansas .
AHTD-Hwy 67-East STRS. And APPRS
$3.9 Million-Replacing (4) existing bridge structures and approaches on 1.1 miles of Hwy 226, NW of Tuckerman, Arkansas .
AHTD-Hwy 63-Culberhouse St. ( Jonesboro , Arkansas) $8.7 Million-Widening of 3.5 miles of Hwy 63B in Jonesboro , Arkansas . The project consists of base and surface courses, (2) W Beam Bridges, (1) Precast Box culvert.
AHTD-Alcoa Rd Interchange (Benton, Arkansas)
$5.0 Million-Upgrade Alcoa Interchange with improved ramp alignments and the construction of a new continuous steel plate girder bridge over I-30 west of Benton, Arkansas .
AHTD-Davis Tr.-Willow ST . (Searcy, Arkansas)
$2.4 Million-Widening 1.1 miles fo Hwy 67 B in Searcy , AR. The project consists of grading, base/surface courses, triple box culverts, traffic signal equipment, and erosion control.
AHTD-Maple St.-Hwy 112 S. ( Fayetteville, Arkansas)$1.8 Million-Widen of Hwy 112 in Fayetteville, Ar. The project consists of grading, drainage, base/surface courses, traffic signal equipment, and erosion control.
AHTD-Illionois Bayou STR. And APPRS. (NW of Dover, Arkansas)
$2.6 Million-Construction of W- Beam Spans Bridges over the Illinois Bayou NW of Dover, Arkansas.
AHTD-Lamar-Pope Co. Line (W of Russellville, Arkansas)
$7.1 Million-Construction of (3) Bridges over Piney Creek, Lamar, and Hwy 359 on I-40 west of Russellville , Arkansas .
AHTD-Sevier St.-West of Alcoa Rd (Benton, Arkansas)
$3.8 Million-Construction of (2) Steel Plate Girder Bridges over I-30 West of Benton, Arkansas.


Chemical Demilitarization Support Facility - US Army Corps of Engineer
$3.4 million demolition project at the Pine Bluff Arsenal located in Pine Bluff , Arkansas . The project consisted of demolition of pumps, gas lines, water lines, water tanks, and miscellaneous buildings.


Curtis Revetment, Red River Waterway, Bosier Parish, Louisanna
US Army Corps of Engineers
$5.1 million construction of over 4,800 LF of stonefill revetment, 4,100 LF of pile revetment and dike, and 2550 LF of stonefill dikes.


Gurley Pit Superfund Site, Edmondson , Arkansas
US Army Corps of Engineers
$6.5 million EPA Superfund site cleanup near Edmondson , Arkansas . The project involved: the remediation of sludge containing oils, metals, and PCBs; the construction of a RCRA landfill; Solidification and placement of 20,000 cubic yards of material with the containment cell; On-site water treatment of surface water; and off-site incineration of recovered oils.
Mobley Contractors, Inc. received the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Southwestern Division Construction Contractor of the year Award for the Civil Works Program.


Water Treatment Plant Expansion, Benton , Arkansas
City of Benton , Arkansas
$4.1 million construction of a clarifier treating unit, chemical filter building, pumping stations, waste water basin, carbon feeder building and the installation of raw water meter associated with the existing water treatment plant.


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