Eufaula Dam - USACE

Eufaula Lake-Penstock and Spillway Bridge Repairs

Eufaula Lake, Oklahoma


Mobley Contractors, Inc. in the role of prime contractor furnished all materials, labor, supervision,tools and equipment needed to complete the work on the above project.  Mobley personnel performed all quality control and on site safety. The basis of the job was to perform rehabilitation to three each, 22' diameter penstocks inside Eufaula Dam. The penstocks were sandblasted, repainted and all coupling parts were replaced in order to assure a leak proof joint. This work involved movement of the expansion coupling by use of jacks so that the underneath surface would have a quality paint job and the new gaskets would have a proper sealing surface. Lead Abatement was performed and all work was completed without an accident. 

Rehab to the bridge deck over the dam was also performed. Spalls and bugholes in the roadway were replaced with an approved grout. Each expansion joint and fixed joint were modified and resealed. After completion of all deck rehab, a water repelling agent was applied to help prevent any further deterioration in the roadway. A roadway emergency bulkhead hatch cover was also replaced. 

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