Lake Kanopolis Dredge Project

USACE Lake Kanopolis Dredge Project

Contract Amount: $3,647,965.00

Kanopolis Dam is a USACE project located in Ellsworth County, Kansas. The work involves removal of sediment, debris, and rock within the Intake Tower, Approach Channel, and surrounding areas. Rock is approximately 12 inches diameter on average. The sediment ranges in its level of compaction and contains known wood debris. Some diving is required for this project to remove sediment, debris, and rock from inside the intake tower as well as aiding in the removal of trash racks. Diving and bathymetric surveys are required for completed work. Mobley is utilizing satellite driven machinery and software to precisely excavate depths of up to 48 feet while avoiding structures with an offset as little as 1 foot. Surrounding areas will be graded underwater on a 1:1 slope. This is made possible with 3D models and advanced satellite systems both in the field and office.



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